Cherie’s Story: A familial story

Cherie’s Story: A familial story

Photo1 croppedOn July 31, 2005 I was thirty years old and I got married with all of my friends and family present. My Mother was there in a beautiful pink dress. It actually took her longer to find her dress than me to find my wedding dress and it became a running joke, but it was perfect. She was very happy to see her second daughter get married to a wonderful man.

Photo2Soon after the wedding her “asthma” began to be increasingly problematic. After many inhalers and medications she was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). She was 53 years old. We had never heard of this disease before.

Photo3In March 2007, my sister had a baby boy. It was the first grandchild, if you did not include my puppy dog Rainy! My Mom could not be happier, and she was doing well, looking healthy and glowing as a new Grandma.

When she got home from Winnipeg after helping my sister adjust to being a new mom, I had great news of my own. I was having a baby too! My daughter Tannis would be born November that same year. She was going to be a Grandma AGAIN in 2007!

In June 2007 she began the downward spiral and was hospitalised by the end of the month. In August we got the miracle call. Someone’s selfless generosity was going to save my mother’s life. She had a double lung transplant, recovery was slow but she was going to be there to meet her granddaughter. I have never felt such debt and gratitude to an anonymous stranger (and their family).

Unfortunately in March 2008, she succumbed to the disease at 56 years old.

Fast forward to June 2015. I am healthy, I have a supportive husband, a seven year old daughter and a four year old son. I have a career, a house and I’m planning my 40th Birthday party. On June 3, 2015 I was diagnosed with IPF.

I had run my first half marathon in June 2014 and I was training for another. I’ve done numerous obstacle fun runs, 5k and 10k races and I felt great.

In October 2014 I caught a cough that I could not shake. I am fortunate that my family Doctor is a personal friend and was right on top of things. She sent me for an X-ray, and then another, then a CT Scan, then to the Respirologist and almost six months later I had my first appointment at Toronto General Hospital in the ILD clinic.

I have been taking Esbriet since June. I am doing my best to maintain my regular routine and some days are easier than others. While I cannot run like I could even a year ago I remain active. I’m trying to adjust to my new reality with the support and encouragement of my family and friends.

Photo4On October 19, myself and my team “Lung Time Buddies” participated in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and raised $4135 for CPFF. I was completely overwhelmed by the support I received from my family and friends!

Photo5I have started on my IPF Journey. My priorities have changed but my desire to live every day to the fullest for myself and my children has only grown stronger!Photo6



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  1. This is my very first time on the IPF website. I was diagnosed with advanced IPF on May 4, 2017. I have had a recurring cough and weakening muscles with an increasingly difficult time breathing for over 2 plus years. My family Dr. did not feel that I had COPD or emphysema, or any lung disease. He put me on inhalers (2 different ones) and suggested I exercise more – I was already doing some exercising at Curves, though not regularly as my energy to do the machines was getting worse. I have been living since May 4th with oxygen on full time, on a 1 or 2 setting and managing well. I am going to fight this with all that I can. I began Esriet on June 1st, wk 1, June 8, wk 2 and June 16 beginning the full scale treatment – 3 capsules 3 X a day. I have only been on this for a short time so am not certain what to expect, but I intend to continue on the course of medication as prescribed and see what I can improve on doing.

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