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Robert's Message announcing the CPFF Peer Support Program (November 2015)
Robert Davidson CPFF President & Founder

Robert Davidson
CPFF President & Founder

A personal story and with plenty of gratitude, I’m so very pleased and proud to announce the

CPFF Peer Support Program

When I was first diagnosed with IPF 8 years ago, I wanted to find information and to speak to someone who could help me to understand this disease and to know what to expect; my doctors did not have the necessary time. There was nowhere to go in Canada.  In fact, the lack of places to turn was what inspired me to create the CPFF, so that others affected by PF and IPF have a place to turn for information, education and someone to talk to who understands.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been taking calls and answering e mails from patients and caregivers across the country. It is such an honour to be on the other end of the phone with someone who is, like I was, desperate to get more information about this horrible disease.

Most importantly, I like to reassure the caller that they aren’t alone, The CPFF community is here to provide whatever help we can, not only on the phone but through our educational materials, our advocacy and awareness work, our funding of research.

From one to several – it used to be just me, but now we have gracious volunteers from across the country, who have been affected by PF or IPF, available to listen to you and to offer you their support.

If you’ve been diagnosed or are a caregiver of someone with IPF or PF and you feel alone or just want someone to talk to, someone who understands, please call or e mail one of our volunteers.  They have been there and know what you are going through.  Their contact information is on our website at

If you yourself would like to become a peer support volunteer, please contact me at]

CPFF Peer Support

Connect with us anywhere in Canada.

Whether you are a Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) patient, a caregiver, or a family member/friend of someone living with PF, we are here to offer our support and answer your non-medical questions.

The CPFF has knowledgeable volunteer contacts across Canada to answer to your needs within your specific region.

They have been there!

Please feel free to connect with any of the below individuals located in various locations across Canada.

Robert Davidson (President)
Phone: 905-294-7645

Barbara (Director)

Phone: 226-227-1700


Phone: 780-660-7466

Phone: 778-300-1919

Suzanne & Andy
Emails: or
Phone: 778-300-1921

Peter & Sheila
Emails: or
Phone: 902-932-3000

Phone: 902-932-1517

Phone: 902-394-2034

Introducing Pat Popwell – New CPFF Patient Support Lead

The CPFF is thrilled to announce Pat Popwell as our new Patient Support Lead. Pat will oversee all CPFF patient support groups across Canada. Her role will be to ensure support groups are promoted adequately through our website and communication channels, and help coordinate and support existing and new groups in any way possible.

Patricia (Pat), is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and as a nurse in a chest clinic for 18 years, she has seen IPF from many perspectives. At first, she experienced IPF from a medical perspective when there were no treatments and then, when the treatments came, the hoops that the doctors had to go through to get the medications to the patients. She has seen the shortage of information available for patients and caregivers, but “more importantly, no one to share their worries or concerns”. According to Pat, “this was disheartening as I felt I wasn’t doing my job. Something was missing. It was at this point that I started the support group. Over the years and with the help of peer support persons, it has turned into a close knit and passionate family. Now my primary goal is to implement ways to reach more people and offer support for those in Cape Breton and throughout Nova Scotia. I would like our support group to serve as a kind of template for those who would like a support group but have no idea where to start.”

If you’re one of those people and are interested in setting up a support group in your region, Pat is available to lend a hand and guide you along the way. Contact Pat at today!