• Find a Family Doctor or Walk-in Clinic – Provincial Resources

    There is no doubt that your family doctor (or nurse practitioner) is the gateway to accessing  the health care system in your province or territory. Unfortunately, millions of Canadians do […]

  • Medication

    Although there is no cure for pulmonary fibrosis, there are medications available to slow disease progression. Learn more about the common drug therapies used for different types of pulmonary fibrosis. […]

  • Oxygen Therapy

    These oxygen therapy resources can help you learn more about oxygen therapy benefits, using oxygen systems, and traveling with oxygen. How to Access Oxygen in Canada Independent Exercise Assessment Update, […]

  • Traveling with Oxygen

    Traveling with oxygen can be daunting. Read the following resources to better understand flying with oxygen on Air Canada. High Altitude Simulation Testing – Consult your doctor if you think […]

  • CPFF Oxygen Access in Canada Reports

    Access to Oxygen in Canada Reports / Rapports de la FCFP sur l’accès à l’oxygénothérapie au Canada Supplemental Oxygen in Interstitial Lung Disease: An Art in Need of Science Oxygen […]

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    Pulmonary rehabilitation (or rehab) is a structured program designed for people living with chronic lung diseases like pulmonary fibrosis (PF). These resources will help you learn more about what rehab […]

  • Lung Transplantation

    Learn about lung transplants in Canada from medical experts and get insights on individual lung transplant experiences from PF patients. How to Access Lung Transplants in Canada Lung Transplant Patient […]