PF Community


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CPFF Peer Support

Newly diagnosed? Feeling alone? Need someone to talk who understands what you’re going through? CPFF peers are patients and caregivers across Canada who have also experienced the PF diagnosis especially IPF. You can reach out to them by email or by phone. Please feel free to contact any of the CPFF Peer Support volunteers listed. You are not alone!

PF Support Groups

At some point in time, you may want to go beyond the phone and the Internet and meet others who share your experience in person.

PF is a rare disease and finding others close to you may be a challenge, but support can be two or more people getting together over a cup of coffee and sharing their experiences and supporting each other. If you’re looking for others to get together on a casual or regular basis to talk and share, call your regional CPFF Peer Support contact and let them know. He/she may already have a list of people who are similarly interested.

Support groups that meet on a regular basis are often associated with ILD/PF clinics or other medical/health facilities. A list of PF Support Groups provides meeting details.

CPFF Patient Education and Support Group Toolkit

Maybe your small group is now ready to meet on a regular basis and open up your meetings to more people dealing with PF. The CPFF Patient Education and Support Group Toolkit will assist you in planning, sharing and executing a patient support group in your community in person or online. While primarily written from the IPF viewpoint, the majority is common to any form of PF and can provide a great resource.

And don’t hesitate to contact Sharon Lee ( about your plans to find out how CPFF can help you get started.