About the Toolkit

This Toolkit includes the following:

  • A Welcome Letter with a summarized patient support group checklist
  • This Group Leader Presentation to walk you through this toolkit and help you learn about how you can start your own support group
  • Six topic‐specific Meeting Presentations with information about IPF, speaking notes and group
  • Discussion questions. The topics include information and discussion around:
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) 101
  • IPF Diagnostic Tools and Treatments
  • IPF Management
  • Living with IPF
  • Communication and Advocacy
  • Preparing for a Future with IPF

This Toolkit also includes:

  • One Presentation Template once you have completed presentations one to six, this template will help you create group presentations on the topics of your choice. When creating your presentations, make sure you use information from trusted sources.
  • One Participant Recruitment Poster that you can personalize and hang in your respirologist’s office, regional Lung Association, or rehabilitation centre to help you recruit others affected by IPF. The poster leaves space to include the group time / date / location and your contact information.
  • One sample Public Service Announcement (PSA) Guide if you want to start a larger support group or a patient forum, you can ask your local radio station to run a PSA on the radio. Often local radio stations will do this as a service to the community.
  • One Registration Form, to be filled out by meeting participants. This will help members get involved with the IPF community and learn more about upcoming events, IPF news and advocacy opportunities. This registry will also help the CPFF refer newly diagnosed patients to existing support groups and connect group leaders.
  • One Information CD including a welcome video from the CPFF and digital copies of all of the materials listed above, giving you the ability to create your own modules on a limitless number of group topics.