Google Plus ‘Hangouts’ ®

Google Plus offers an easy to access, and free profile registration. Once you register, add group members’ profiles and click ‘start a hangout’. With this profile you can start or join group chats that provide face-to-face audio and visual interaction with one to nine people. You can share presentations easily by clicking on the screen share button. For more information visit


The most common application is Skype, which offers free registration, one-on-one video chat and computer-to-computer calling. For three to ten people meetings, the leader must be a paid member at $8.99/m or $4.99/d. Skype group video calling provides very good quality, with almost no technical, freezing or syncing issues, assuming of course that your computer and Internet connection meet the minimum requirements. For more information visit


ooVoo is another free application and can accommodate up to 12 people in a meeting. All members will need to sign up for an account. This application is mainly focused on face-to-face interaction. If you use this application, it may be easier to email the meeting presentation to the group before the meeting starts. For more information visit:


VSee can accommodate meetings with up to 15 people on a call and claims to use extremely low bandwidth (meaning how much of your internet connection it uses), which would be a benefit if a group member has a low Internet connection. It also works with cell phones that have 3G services. All members will need to sign up for an account. For more information visit