Finding Members

Ask the assistance of your healthcare professionals and others involved in the IPF community to find IPF patients and family members who may benefit from a support group. Leave a letter with a respirologist, IPF specialists, research centres and hospitals. Include your first name, phone number, and any other relevant information. Your healthcare professionals can suggest IPF patients and caregivers that they know to join your group.
Use the participant recruitment poster from this toolkit, by posting it in your doctor’s office or pulmonary rehabilitation centre. Additional copies can be printed from the information CD in this toolkit or
If you want to start a larger support group or a patient forum*, you can ask your local radio station to run a public service announcement (PSA) on the radio. Often radio stations will run these at no cost. A PSA guide is included in this toolkit and at to help you. You can also ask your local newspaper to include an event listing or classified advertisement. You can use the information on the poster in this toolkit and on as a guide.