Online Support Groups

Virtual meetings or online support groups use the Internet to connect patients who live a distance from one another or are unable to commute due to their heath condition. Online support groups have an advantage because any time of the day you can give and get support and responses from a larger community.

Participants in virtual meetings use an application, or program, to conduct meetings that are similar to video conferences. Online support group programs can help individuals living with IPF participate from the comfort of their own home.

Many online, virtual meeting, video chat applications are free and easy to access. At set times, participants log on to a website or application to join the meeting. Some applications require a login. These applications includes a list of current participants, a chat window for written comments, and either a content window for presentations or audio / video window.

Some applications require you to phone into a separate number while others have built-in audio that requires a microphone and speakers in your computer or a headset. Group members can be seen and / or heard in real time by other participants who can talk with one another through the chat pane and / or the audio / video.