Overcoming Financial Barriers

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis patients face a number of challenges as they struggle with the disease, including some lifestyle changes
  • Thankfully some of these expenses may be reimbursed through support programs and non-refundable income tax credits
  • Income tax credits have value, based on what the individual pays in income tax, although some credits are transferable between spouses
  • The following recommendations are not exhaustive and there may be other claims you are eligible for
  • You can consult an accountant or Canada Revenue Agency if you have a question about a particular medical expense. Canada Revenue Agency can be very helpful in working out what you can or cannot claim

Canada Pension Plan Disability

  • Although the application form is long, it is worth applying as it can provide income for multiple years

Company funded Long Term Disability insurance

  • Professional bodies or trade unions may provide support to members who are unable to work for long periods of time
    • Ask your professional body or union about such benefits

Provincial Support

  • All provinces now provide varying degrees of support for those who need to move away from home. Talk to your doctor for more information

Disability Tax Credit

Travel / Moving / Rental Expenses

  • If you must travel at least 40 km (one way) to get the closest medical centre, you may claim your vehicle expenses at the rate of $0.57 per km
  • If you need to move at least 40 km from home for medical reasons you may claim moving and/or rental expenses
  • The amount is reduced by grants received to help cover moving costs

Home Renovations

  • The costs of renovating your home to accommodate your medical needs, may also be claimed as a medical expense eligible for the tax credit
  • You will require a doctor’s certificate that the alterations are necessary for the patient

Caregiver Expenses

  • If a caregiver is medically required the costs may be claimed
  • A claim cannot be made if the caregiver is a spouse of the patient or a child under the age of 18

Various other expenses that may be claimed include:

  • Vitamins ordered for the patient by a medical practitioner
  • Oxygen costs not covered by a provincial plan
  • Oximeter to measure oxygen saturation

A complete review of eligible medical expenses can be found at: