Why Plan Ahead?

  • Early planning allows you to be involved and express your wishes for future care and decisions with a clear mind. This eliminates guesswork for families, and allows you to designate decision makers on your behalf
  • Preparing for medical-legal provisions can reduce stress on caregivers if IPF progresses and ensures you are treated the way you would like to be treated
  • Putting financial plans in place as soon as the diagnosis has been made can help people secure a healthier financial future
  • Having available, knowledgeable and skilled, financial planners, legal counsel, and insurance agents is crucial in managing your unique future planning needs


Legal planning should include:

  • Making plans for healthcare and long-term care
  • Making plans for finances and property
  • Naming another person to make decisions on your behalf


What to Bring to the Lawyer?

  • Itemized list of assets including current value and the names listed as owners, account holders and beneficiaries
  • Copies of all estate planning documents, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney
  • Copies of all deeds to real estate
  • Copies of recent income tax returns
  • Life insurance policies and cash values of policies
  • Health insurance policies or benefits booklets
  • Admission agreements to any health care facilities
  • List of names, addresses and telephone numbers of those involved, including family members, domestic partners and caregivers, as well as financial planners and/or accountants