The information in this section is intended to help you and all members of our PF community remain informed, supported and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please check our COVID-19 Helpful Links page for links to vaccine information and registration in your region. Be sure to check the appropriate link regularly as they are updated to reflect changes in criteria for vaccine priorities, such as age, location, other health conditions, living situation, occupations, etc.

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  • Early insights into Canada-wide study of effects of COVID-19 – October 2021
  • ILD and the COVID-19 vaccines – March 2021


  • Eating well when living with PF during COVID -19
  • Coping with isolation and anxiety when living with PF during COVID-19
  • Working out at home during COVID-19

Helpful Links: To other reliable COVID information resources

CPFF Messages: CPFF messages about COVID-19 and how CPFF is helping the PF community stay informed, supported and connected during the pandemic