Videos to help you manage your PF during COVID-19

The following short videos (five to 15 minutes) may be just the boost you need to help you better manage your PF during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPFF is grateful to our sponsor Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. for supporting the creation of these resources for the PF Community in Canada.

Eating well when living with PF during COVID -19 (five minutes)

Cheryl Smit, a respiratory therapist specializing in pulmonary fibrosis, shares some tasty nutrition tips to help you be your best self every day, even during this uncertain time. She’ll tell you how to: Prep it up; pump it up; spice it up; shake it up and drink it up! Enjoy.

Coping with isolation and anxiety when living with PF during COVID-19 (five minutes)

Registered nurse and certified respiratory educator Karen Beaton talks you through how to control your reactions to the isolation and anxiety of the global pandemic. She shares some practical ways to overcome negativity such as reframing our reactions, setting daily goals, making a schedule and seeking professional help when needed.