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Understanding Pulmonary Fibrosis

What is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF), is a disease in which the lungs become scarred (fibrosis). Over time, scarring destroys normal lung tissue. Eventually the lungs will not be able to provide the body with sufficient oxygen and will cause shortness of breath, especially when walking and exercising.

Navigating a new diagnosis

It can be overwhelming to receive a pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis, and until you become involved with the pulmonary fibrosis community or clinic, it can be tough to learn about this disease. Discover why PF is hard to diagnose and explore diagnostic tests, procedures, and other diagnosis resources.

Treatment and Care - Medication
Treatment and Care: Oxygen Therapy
Treatment and Care: Lung transplantation

Treatment & Care

People living with pulmonary fibrosis may start with symptoms like shortness of breath on exertion, and a cough that may come and go. As the disease progresses, the symptoms become more persistent and more limiting. Medical and supportive treatments are important for managing this disease and vital for living.

Living with pulmonary fibrosis

Many people take breathing for granted. Although it may seem effortless for those with healthy lungs breathing for people with a lung disease like PF can be a painful and physically challenging experience. There is good news. Explore ways you can manage your pulmonary fibrosis and live more fully. 

Managing symptoms and living life as fully as possible
Managing symptoms and living life as fully as possible

Your PF Toolkit


John Dennis is a man on a mission! He plans to ride 700KM on his electric bike around P.E.I.’s The Island Trail starting to raise awareness, hope, and funds for Pulmonary Fibrosis through his “I Ride For You & Me” campaign.

Support Groups

Connect with others in your community who are living similar journeys in a caring environment where people help one another through difficult times, celebrate wins, share practical tips, coping strategies, and more.


Join Tracey Reed, registered dietitian, on Sept 7th as she shares anti-inflammatory diet tips and explains how the right foods can reduce the impact of pulmonary fibrosis symptoms.

Patient Guide

Get patient-to-patient advice on how to manage and advocate for care for those living with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Take charge of your own health care and find out what questions need to be asked and answered.


Naomi Matsushita of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has interstitial pneumonia, one of the 200 types of pulmonary fibrosis (PF), as well as anti-synthetase syndrome, an auto-immune condition. This is her story.


Take action today and help patients with any chronic fibrosing interstitial lung disease obtain coverage for nintedanib (Ofev). Right now, only those with IPF are reimbursed.