Introduction to Fundraising

Help those affected by PF and support research to improve treatment and find a cure.

The Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) has developed a comprehensive fundraising guide to provide step-by-step instructions and support for volunteers and family members interested in hosting their own local fundraising events.

Before you plan your event, we invite you to request a copy of our fundraising guide to help understand the CPFF’s fundraising policies, and for ideas to make your event successful. To do so, please request a copy of the guide, complete the online form or email us at

Remember: The Foundation must review and approve your application before you can advertise your event as part of the CPFF.

The guide includes a number of helpful tips, such as:

  • Where to start: How to pick your event and develop a budget
  • How to identify and approach corporate and community sponsors
  • How to run your event, from recruiting volunteer support, to managing incoming donations and developing promotional materials, such as media advisories and poster
  • How to collect and submit donations

Further, the CPFF has provided a few suggestions, along with detailed instruction, to help make your event a success.

Sample events include:

CPFF Tree-Planting Fundraiser

Tree PlantingTree planting is important for a healthy environment and a fun activity that can help bring a community together to work towards a shared goal. Trees can be a touching and meaningful legacy for someone living with pulmonary fibrosis; consider inviting family and friends to donate a tree in a loved one’s name. Representing oxygen and life, trees are a way to commemorate the life of someone who is affected by pulmonary fibrosis by bringing more oxygen into the world.

CPFF Yogathon

YogathonA yogathon is a great way to bring a community together. Yoga and breathing go hand-in-hand; it is said that if you can breath, you can practice yoga. Breathing and meditation can be both relaxing and calming, and encourage a healthy body and mind.

CPFF Spin Class FundraiserSpin Class

In Canada, weather may play a role in determining what activities are suitable for fundraising events. Indoor cycling – or “spinning” – is a fun way to exercise and involves the use of stationary bicycles. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser in the colder months, a spin class fundraising event may be a great option.


To request a copy of the comprehensive Fundraising Guide and Module, complete the online form, or email us at:

Thank you very much for your interest in raising funds for the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Every step we take together to raise research funds and awareness is one step closer to a cure for pulmonary fibrosis.