Awareness Month


Finding fulfillment and empowerment in participation

September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, when we band together to increase awareness of PF in communities across the country. In these times of COVID-19, with many people experiencing the breathlessness that can be a symptom of this virus, our stories of life with PF should resonate even more strongly with the media, governments, and the public.

While some of our usual events and activities are no longer be possible in person, due to pandemic restrictions, many of them have been adapted to accommodate such restrictions or take place virtually.

We will stand together in spirit, even though we will remain apart physically.

People living with the disease and their families, friends, colleagues and communities find satisfaction in participating in these initiatives. You will too.

Visit for lots of ways you can get involved during Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month, from educational webinars to a national virtual walk. Throughout September 2021, Hope Breathes Here events will raise awareness, funds, and hope through Canada-wide virtual events that are accessible, informative, and fun.  You can also find out more by reading our newsletter.


September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Month

A big soap bubble being held in a girl's hands. Grass and the base of a tree are in the background, out of focus. Taken during the summertime. Landscape photography.Communities across Canada gear up to increase awareness of pulmonary fibrosis and raise funds for education, research and support. Education sessions are held; proclamations are issued by governments; landmarks sport red and blue lights; and groups of friends, colleagues and families gather for various activities to support those who have trouble taking a breath.

If you or a family member is living with pulmonary fibrosis, participating in one of these events or initiatives can make a positive impact on your outlook and offers hope for the future of all Canadians living with the disease.

In 2020, Awareness Month was a series of informative, inspiring and fun virtual events and activities. To find out more, visit


Read on for information about the 2019 Bubble Blowing campaign and the 2019 Awareness Month advertising campaign.

Blowing bubbles is a fun way to support people with pulmonary fibrosis

Gather your friends, family, colleagues or teammates and blow some bubbles for those who have trouble taking a breath. Use the hashtag #CPFFBubbles and post your photos and videos to Facebook.













Let’s blow bubbles this September – All Canadians – All Together! Let’s tell the world that: “Breathing should never be hard work!” Gather your friends, family, colleagues or teammates and blow some bubbles for those who have trouble taking a breath. It’s fun, affordable and everyone can take part!

Use #CPFFBubbles and share your bubble photos and videos on Facebook. Please share your post with Sharon Lee at or simply post it onto the CPFF Facebook page. Let your local media know when you are going to get together and ask them to cover your bubble blowing moment in their broadcast, newspaper or online.

Check out the photo gallery from the 2018 #CPFFBubbles campaign.

Advertising campaign for September

CPFF will also be featured in On the Go magazine, distributed in the Toronto area, with an article about pulmonary fibrosis and an advertisement about the Bubble campaign, as well as short video signage in the Toronto system of underground shops and eateries. You may also see these on our social media channels. Check them out: