Technology Aids & Tools

Tyze Support Network: A safe Canadian online tool that connects people around someone receiving care. Use it to privately communicate with family, friends and helpers about you or the person you care about; schedule appointments and events on a shared calendar; share files, photos, updates and more from anywhere, anytime. Tyze is HIPAA compliant which mean your data is secure and stored in Canada, so it is safe to add healthcare providers and medical records.

CareZone: This American app offers a journal that allows you to log and share information on your loved one, a calendar that comes in handy, and a contact section that helps you keep doctors, insurance companies, and much more all in one place.

Medication & other needs reminder Apps: Check out the Apple App Store & Google Play for options that meet you needs. There are: Apps to track your water/hydration levels, bowels; Apps that measure oxygen saturation, heart fitness, diet; and Apps to remind you to stand up and move/stretch, complete daily exercise, stretching, yoga or self calming/breathing routines…) i.e., Medisafe – a medication reminder App, and PainScale – designed for those who suffer from chronic pain, track pain levels, takes notes on possible causes, offers tips and insights to help your loved one become more comfortable.

Smart Speakers: Through phone access, Patient can easily make phone & video calls with voice activation, schedule tasks & set reminders/alarms, prepare & update lists, show digital photos, stream TV shows & videos, controls lights, thermostat etc. Check out PC Mag’s review of the best smart speakers. The Best Smart Speakers for 2023

Smart Watch Technology: Sensors can collect data from the PF patient’s smart watch for home monitoring or to share with your healthcare provider (heart rate, level of exercise, oxygen level, sleep score, activity level etc. Check out PC Mag’s review of the best smartwatches. The Best Smartwatches for 2023

Lotsa Helping Hands – Care Calendar Website: A calendar App that can be used to coordinated help for someone in need (meals, visits, appointments & transportation, deliveries).