Take the CPFF Pucker Up Challenge

People living with pulmonary fibrosis experience shortness of breath as the disease progresses

Some have described the feeling like trying to breathe through a drinking straw, while others mention being ‘tethered’ to their supplemental oxygen source.

Moms ttethered to oxygen with their daughter

How to Participate

CPFF has launched the Pucker Up Challenge to raise awareness about pulmonary fibrosis and the effect it has on something most of us take for granted.

Have you wondered what it’s like to have chronic shortness of breath? All you need to do is to grab a drinking straw, then pucker up and… breathe! Try blocking your nose with the other hand, and just breathe through the straw. This is harder than you think! Breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine what it’s like to be conscious of every breath. Can you do it for 5 consecutive breaths?

Share your Experience

Breathing should never be hard work, but for people living with PF, it often is. We want the world to know! See how others are Puckering Up for PF.

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woman taking a photo of someone breathing through a straw

Have a friend take a photo or video of you doing the challenge. By spreading the word about pulmonary fibrosis you are helping raise awareness, hope, and funds for people living with PF.

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