Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A complete, multidisciplinary program for people with lung disease.

Pulmonary rehabilitation (or rehab) is a structured program designed for people living with chronic lung diseases like pulmonary fibrosis (PF).

An exercise and education program that is created just for you

Pulmonary rehab programs are usually delivered in a group setting with other patients with lung disease and conducted by trained health care professionals such as respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, and nurse educators. At the end of your program, some centres have an optional ongoing maintenance program.

Pulmonary Rehab Programs

  • Reduce symptoms, such as shortness of breath and feeling tired
  • Increase functioning and quality of life
  • Improve how you exercise
  • Give you more knowledge about your lung disease
  • Help you manage your lung disease
  • Help you do your everyday activities
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Relieve anxiety and depression

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How a Rehab Program Works

How to Join a Pulmonary Rehab Program

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