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Keeping the PF Community Informed

The CPFF is dedicated to helping you and all members of our PF community remain informed, supported and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explore our COVID-19 Helpful Links section for links to vaccine information and registration in your region. Check the appropriate link regularly as they are updated to reflect changes in criteria for vaccine priorities, such as age, location, other health conditions, living situation, occupations, etc.


COVID-19 Impact and Vaccines

Cancov study

Two co-lead investigators of CANCOV: The Canadian COVID-19 Prospective Cohort Study. Dr. Angela Cheung and Dr. Margaret Herridge, shared early insights from the study on the impact of COVID -19.

COVID-19 Vaccines 101 - Dr. Shane Shapera

Learn more about ILD and the COVID-19 vaccines: the different types and how they work, their safety and effectiveness, as well as the answers to common questions people living with ILD have about the vaccines.

How-To Videos

These three short videos may be just the boost you need to help you better manage your PF during the COVID-19 pandemic. CPFF is grateful to our sponsor Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. for supporting the creation of these resources for the PF community in Canada.

Are you feeling anxious about your health, or general anxiety because of COVID-19? Watch as Karen Beaton, a registered nurse and certified respiratory educator, shares tips on how to cope with feelings of anxiety while keeping your lungs and overall health safe during the pandemic.

For Canadians with pulmonary fibrosis, even walking into the grocery store might be a challenging task during COVID-19. Join respiratory therapist Cheryl Smit as she discusses how you can protect your lung health while maintaining good eating habits through COVID-19.

Many Canadians living with pulmonary fibrosis find it difficult to maintain the regular exercise needed during COVID-19. In this video, Meeran Manji, a registered nurse who specializes in care for people living with lung disease, walks through a series of at-home light exercises.

Helpful Links

Information about COVID-19 and various international, national, provincial and local statistics and policies are changing constantly. The following are some trustworthy online resources for COVID-19 information and updates, as well as the corresponding social media sites. For more local information, including municipal by-laws related to the virus, consult your local government official website.

We’ve also added some links to mental health and caregiver websites that may be helpful during this time.