PF Caregivers

Family members, partners, friends, and neighbours shoulder much physical and emotional support for people living with pulmonary fibrosis (PF).

Finding ways to cope and thrive as a care partner is vital for you and the health of your loved one. CPFF is committed to supporting you as a caregiver and shining the spotlight on your needs and the needs of PF patients.

Cope and Thrive as a Care Partner

CPFF VIrtual Meeting

CPFF Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

Demands on caregivers are intense. Connecting with other caregivers who share similar experiences can be helpful. Meet virtually with other caregivers across Canada to share ideas and support one another. Register to secure your spot.

Caregiver Groups & Organizations

Find national and local caregiver programs, webinars, stories, workplace best practices and tips, funding, research reports, advocacy, and more.

Carers Canada
A national coalition dedicated to increasing recognition and support for caregivers.
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Caregivers Alberta
Providing resources, mental health support, and education.
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Family Caregivers of British Columbia
Providing access to information, education, and support.
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The Ontario Caregiver Organization
Being a point of access to information and support.
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L’appui pour les proches aidants
Funding services for caregivers across Quebec.
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Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale.
Bringing evidence-informed caregiver practices.
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Caregivers Nova Scotia
Providing programs, services, and strong advocacy.
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Eastern Health
Supporting caregivers in making informed choices.
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Young Caregivers Association
Empowering young caregivers to achieve their full potential.
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Educational Videos and Webinars

Living Beyond your diagnosis

Mental Health: Living Beyond Your Diagnosis

Dr. Elisabeth Saxton, clinical psychologist, has worked with individuals managing chronic pain and illness for over a decade. She leads a discussion focused on improving mental health and living beyond a PF diagnosis.

CPFF Presents Documentary

CPFF Documentary – Breathless for Change

This documentary explores the courage and resilience of people living with PF and uncovers the barriers to accessing equitable healthcare for treatment and disease management.

Articles, Stories & More

Celebrate Someone Who Supports You

The first Tuesday of April has been unanimously adopted by the Members of Parliament of Canada to recognize the importance of the “invisible” unpaid worker.

Send a free thank you e-card

If you’re living with pulmonary fibrosis and have been supported by someone in your family or community, show them your appreciation.

Share a caregiver story

If there is someone in your life whose assistance has been vital, extra special, or simply kind, we want to help you pay tribute to them. Share a photo and/or a few sentences and we will celebrate them in upcoming communications.