Take the CPFF Pucker Up Challenge!

This year the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation is challenging Canadians from coast to coast to pucker up for a great cause to raise awareness, hope, and funds for Canadians living with pulmonary fibrosis.

Most of us take breathing for granted. But, for people with a lung disease like Pulmonary Fibrosis, breathing is HARD WORK. Some have described it like trying to breathe through a drinking straw while being tethered to an oxygen machine 24/7. Let’s show some support for people living with PF by experiencing how it feels to have to work hard for every breath.

All you need for the CPFF Pucker Up Challenge is a drinking straw, a smartphone, and the desire to get the word out about pulmonary fibrosis. Watch this video to learn how you can pucker up for a great cause.

Learn more about the Pucker Up Challenge here: https://cpff.ca/get-involved/events/pucker-up-challenge/