Stan Hendriksen’s Journey with PF

Stan was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) in 2016, during a month-long hospitalisation for what was initially believed to be pneumonia. This was a huge shock to Stan, who had barely been sick a day in his life. At first things seemed fine, but as time passed and his PF progressed, breathing became more difficult.

By January of 2021, Stan desperately needed a lung transplant. Against all odds, he received his life-saving transplant weeks after being placed on a transplant list and expresses deep gratitude for his donor, a 28-year-old woman whose life ended far too soon. This is Stan’s courageous PF journey.

We celebrate and thank Stan Hendriksen for sharing his pulmonary fibrosis journey. If you or someone you love is experiencing breathing difficulties talk to your doctor.

Le parcours de Stan Hendriksen avec la FP