Lung Transplant Journeys – Brenda Reynolds & Mark Ashcroft

This CPFF webinar features several pulmonary fibrosis (PF) patients who each share the details of their own unique experiences throughout the process of becoming lung transplant recipients.

Mark Ashcroft details his journey, which first began in 1997 when his brother passed away from PF. Mark was clear of any signs of PF until 21 years later, when he developed a cough. Doctors found scarring in his lungs, eventually settling on a diagnosis of PF, and he began undergoing treatment. With time, his cough worsened and his lung function declined by 40-50%; this is when Mark started the lung transplant process.

Maxine Ashcroft, Mark’s wife, joins in to provide insight on the lung transplant process from the perspective of a PF caregiver and loved one.

Brenda Reynolds shares her PF journey, starting in 2016, with a dry cough and excess mucus in her throat which, at first, was diagnosed as post-nasal drip. In time, she noticed feeling short of breath, leading to a chest X-ray which found scarring in her lungs. Brenda was diagnosed with PF and began treatment, which was very hard on her body and ultimately ineffective. This treatment was then stopped, and the lung transplant process was initiated.

**Each lung transplant journey is unique; the experience of of each individual will differ and vary greatly through this process. The stories of these transplant recipients might not reflect your own experience.**

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