Oxygen 101 with VitalAire – Kelsey Kress & Natalie Collins

Get informed about oxygen therapy with this Oxygen 101 webinar featuring experts from VitalAire. Respiratory therapists (RRTs) Kelsey Kress and Natalie Collins explain the different oxygen equipment and their uses, and provide answers to submitted questions.

The information covered in this presentation includes:

  • What is oxygen?
  • Who needs oxygen?
  • How do you get oxygen?
  • What is hypoxia?
  • How does oxygen help me?
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Myths about oxygen
  • Travelling with oxygen
  • Oxygen safety
  • Tips and tricks to breath easier

Kelsey Kress is an RRT and CPSGT, working as a Clinical Expert Educator for Air Liquide in Alberta and Saskatchewan. She has over a decade of experience treating patients with a range of respiratory diagnoses, including Pulmonary Fibrosis and helping to improve quality of life with oxygen and pulmonary rehabilitation. Kelsey has an exceptional amount of care and compassion for all patients, and takes an interest in educating the patients in all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment.

Natalie Collins is an RRT and RPSGT born and raised in the small town of Chapleau, Ontario. In her 22 years of working in respiratory therapy, she has held various positions from critical care in hospital, managing the neurodiagnostic program at Timmins and District Hospital, spearheading the new VitalAire branch in Thunder Bay and her current role with Air Liquide as the Clinical Expert Educator for Ontario. Natalie also holds the distinction of being a recognized Technical Community Leader for Air Liquide.

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