Dale Smith’s New Lungs: The Next Step. The Next Chapter.

Dale Smith sitting in a wheel chair with his wife behind him post lung transplant surgery

I previously shared my weight loss story and wait time for a lung transplant. I have since had an additional step/chapter in my IPF journey.

The Friday evening of the weekend of Mother’s Day 2023, I received a call with an offer of new lungs. My wife, support person, and I jumped on a plane and headed out in Edmonton by midnight. We waited all day while I had blood tests, X-rays, and an EKG to prep for the surgery which was scheduled for Sunday at noon. 15 minutes past the surgery time when we thought things were just running behind, the surgeon walked in to tell us the new lungs were not be able to be oxygenated properly. At this point we had been thinking we were past the chance of a dry run. It was the hardest moment to deal with.

Dry run done …I was on a plane and home by midnight Sunday.

Monday morning I was home again and emotionally exhausted from the whole ordeal of the weekend. I went back to life struggling to breath and get through each day. Time was creeping away with my lung function and energy.

New Hope. New LUNGS

On the Saturday evening of Father’s Day weekend, the phone rung and the lung transplant roller coaster ride started again.

We were back on a plane to Edmonton and I was booked for tentative surgery Monday morning. As I waited nervously, surgery time changed several times until finally at 8 pm on June 19th I was wheeled away to receive my new lungs. The surgeon told my wife that they were a young healthy set. The surgical team struggled with the removal of one of my old lungs at first, but surgery was a success.

I am now just over 5 weeks post transplant with only one small bump in the road so far. My fingers are crossed that it will be the only one.

Stayed tuned for more updates as I continue my journey.

Submitted by Dale Smith