• Breathe Right Exercise Program Video Series

    Jill Lommer is an exercise rehabilitation therapist who is leading the Breathe Right Exercise Program funded by BC Lung Foundation. Jill is experienced in supporting those living with COPD and […]

    Breathe Right Exercise Program Video Series
  • Advance Care Planning – ​​Karine Diedrich

    Learn about advance care planning in this webinar featuring Karine Diedrich from the Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association, which oversees Advance Care Planning Canada. Karine talks about advance care […]

    Advance Care Planning  – ​​Karine Diedrich
  • Vaultt App for Patients and Caregivers – Audrey Bond

    Vaultt, is an app that helps patients, families, and caregivers securely organize, track and share vital health information. In this webinar Audrey Bond, founder, and CEO of Vaultt presents insights […]

    Vaultt App for Patients and Caregivers – Audrey Bond
  • Calculating the Cost of Medical Device Electricity Use

    Look at the label on your concentrator or other medical device that you are using. It states the number of volts and amps the concentrator uses. If not found on […]

    Calculating the Cost of Medical Device Electricity Use
  • International PF Patients

    The CPFF receives a number of inquiries from international PF patients around the world who want to get access to Esbriet, where it has not yet been approved in their […]

  • Living with PF Helpful links

    Government of Canada Benefits Finder This online Benefits Finder may suggest benefits from federal, provincial, or territorial governments, and does not collect or track your information. Living with PF Resources […]

  • Support Groups

    CPFF Support Groups CPFF support groups bring together people who are going through similar experiences to share their feelings, coping strategies, and more.  Find a CPFF support group in your […]

  • Healthy Living

    Wellness Resources SleepSelf-careMental HealthMindfulness MeditationMindfulness Exercises

  • Palliative Care

    Palliative care addresses pain and symptom management and provides social, psychological, emotional and spiritual support, as well as providing support to caregivers and family members. These palliative care resources can […]

  • Mental Health

    Unresolved stress can aggravate an existing illness, such as pulmonary fibrosis, and can affect individuals living with the disease, as well as those who care for them. The mental health […]