A conversation about PF with Heather and Mark Davidson

CPFF founder Robert left a monumental legacy of awareness, information, and hope for the pulmonary fibrosis (PF) community in Canada and around the world. He established the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation in 2009, less than two years after his own idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis and a few months before receiving a double-lung transplant.

Robert rallied people living with PF, their loved ones, and medical professionals, and was a real sense of hope.

In this video, Heather and Mark Davidson describe Robert’s PF journey from the perspective of his wife and son and encourage us all to help raise hope, awareness, and funds for this debilitating disease.

We celebrate CPFF Founder Robert Davidson and thank Heather and Mark for sharing his pulmonary fibrosis journey.

Discussion sur la FP avec Heather et Mark Davidson