Grieving What Was & Finding Acceptance for What Is – Heidi Schollengberg

Heidi Schollengberg is a pastor’s wife, a mother, grandmother, an oncology nurse, still working, and now her husband Brad’s caregiver. She was 15 when they started dating and they just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this past June.

Brad was diagnosed in February 2022 with moderate disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The year their lives changed forever. Their life instantly took a 180 degree turn and Heidi was nervous and afraid and trying to be brave.

With honesty and candour, Heidi shares their journey through a life changing pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis, medications, support groups, preparing for lung transplantation, and finding joy wherever they can.

“For now, I will grieve for the things this disease has robbed us of, but we’ll continue to find the acceptance, the joy, and the love this world and the beautiful people in this world have to offer”, says Heidi. Tune in to this powerful story.

*This video was presented at the Pulmonary Fibrosis Education Forum in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 28, 2023. We thank Heidi, Brad, and the PF Education Forum event organizers for allowing us to share this video with our PF community.