What You Need to Know About ILD/PF & Exercise – Dr. Stacey Lok, K. Mathison, M. Stevenson

Dr. Stacey Lok, Kirk Mathison, and Melanie Stevenson discuss the diagnosis and treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), oxygen, educational resources, and the importance of active living on lung health.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease (Dr. Stacey Lok)

Dr. Stacey Lok talks about the diagnosis and treatment of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). Dr. Lok starts by explaining what ILD is and how it is diagnosed. She then shows sample cases, discusses drugs and side effects, and non-pharmacotherapeutic treatments.

Dr. Stacey  Lok is a Respirologist and current recipient of the 2019-2020 CPFF Robert  Davidson Fellowship, currently completing her Interstitial Lung Disease fellowship at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Drs. Kerri  Johannson and Charlene Fell.

She completed her medical school, internal medicine, and respirology residencies at the University of Saskatchewan. She will be returning to Saskatoon to join Dr.  Veronica Marcoux in the Interstitial Lung Disease program as of January 2021.

PF Nurse Tips & Tricks (Kirk Mathison)

Kirk Mathison builds Dr. Stacey Lok’s talk and discusses how a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis affects you and your loved ones. He provides educational resources available to meet your new challenges, digs deep on oxygen usage in pulmonary fibrosis and advanced care planning. Finally, Kirk, discusses how you can become an active participant in your healthcare.

Kirk Mathison is a Registered Nurse with  Alberta Health Services in Calgary, AB. He has been the Interstitial Lung  Disease Nurse Clinician at the South Health Campus since 2012. He founded the  Calgary Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group in 2013.

Exercise and Pulmonary Fibrosis (Melanie Stevenson)

Melanie Stevenson inspires the CPFF community to move our bodies as she discusses the benefits and barriers of active living, types of activity, and exercise time and type. She then shares how to build an activity program, goal setting, and pulmonary programs you can explore.

Melanie Stevenson is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with degrees in Environmental Earth Science and Kinesiology. Melanie has dealt with Asthma since the age of 4 and knows personally how much exercise helps in reducing flare-ups and controlling lung health. Currently a competitive cyclist and mother of an autistic son who participates in the Special Olympics, Melanie currently works with CDM and many of the programs offered including rehab and education programming. Her goal is to empower people to do what they can to improve their health rather than just relying on medication and doctors and specialists. It takes work and effort, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.