Better Pulmonary Imaging with Duel Energy X-ray

Learn how new Dual Energy X-ray technology can better detect, monitor progression, and speed up pulmonary fibrosis treatment. This CPFF webinar features two speakers uniquely suited to explain a new x-ray technology that may help physicians detect pulmonary fibrosis earlier than current chest x-rays. Karim S. Karim, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of KA Imaging, and Dr. Patrik Rogalla of the University Health Network (UHN) explain how imaging is typically used today for diagnosis and management of PF; how the new technology is better than traditional x-rays; how it works; how it can speed up diagnosis and treatment and where it is now available. You’ll also hear our speakers answer questions from our webinar participants.

Dr. Patrik Rogalla

Dr. Patrik Rogalla completed his medical studies as well as his radiology residency at the Free University of Berlin in Germany. After having completed a Clinical fellowship in gastro-intestinal imaging at the University of California UCSF in the United States, he returned to Germany, where he began working at the Charité University Hospital. There, he progressively held roles, which eventually led him to his appointment as Professor of Radiology. In July 2009, Dr. Rogalla was appointed as Full Professor of Radiology at the University of Toronto and held the position as Head of the Abdominal Imaging Division from July 2010 until December 2017. In February 2018, he was appointed as Head of the Cardiothoracic Imaging Division and Deputy Head of Innovation at JDMI. Furthermore, Dr. Rogalla is the Director of Computed Tomography at JDMI and served as the Site Director at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre until June 2020. Dr. Rogalla has published more than 169 original articles, several book chapters and is holding two international patents; he is actively involved in many professional and international radiological societies. In June 2020, he graduated from the Rotman School of Business with an MBA in Health and Life Sciences.

Karim S. Karim

Karim (PhD, PEng, MBA) has developed novel X-ray imaging devices and systems since 1998. He has supported two start-ups (Ignis Innovation and Ultrascan) and founded two companies (ActivPixel and KA Imaging) in the past two decades. He has raised more than $15M in research grant funding, trained over 40 PhD and MASc students, has co-authored 250+ publications and 50+ patents. Some of the X-ray circuit technology he developed is now used in ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in mobile phones and tablets.

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