CPFF Documentary – Breathless for Change

Many of us take breathing for granted. Although it may seem like an effortless act, for people with a rare disease like pulmonary fibrosis (PF), breathing can be a painful and challenging experience.

Despite challenges, patients show amazing resilience and courage. Watch five courageous individuals tell their stories and learn more about pulmonary fibrosis in this Breathless for Change Documentary presented by CPFF.

Dr. Matthew Binnie, Respirologist from Toronto General Hospital shares PF insights, treatment options, management tips, and hope for the future.

Help us celebrate people in the CPFF community who are living with pulmonary fibrosis and those who are no longer with us in our closing tribute at the end of this documentary.

If you or someone you love is experiencing breathing difficulties talk to your doctor. To learn more about pulmonary fibrosis or to help raise awareness, hope, and funds visit https://cpff.ca