Dr. Ciaran Scallan – Supporting the Launch of the Largest Study of Cough and ILD

Tune in as Dr. Ciaran Scallan shares how a Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis (CPFF) research grant helped launch what will soon be the largest prospective study of cough and interstitial lung disease.

Chronic cough for people living with pulmonary fibrosis is more than just a symptom of a life threatening disease, it impacts a patient’s quality of life. This study is intended to help improve the quality of life for people living with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) who experience a chronic cough.

“So this all started with the grant we were very lucky to receive from the CPFF in 2021 for $20 ,000. Using that funding, we were able to complete our retrospective study and generate a protocol and we were awarded $191 ,000 from the Hamilton Academy of Health Sciences”, says Dr. Ciaran Scallan while providing a research update to the CPFF Board of Directors.

Dr. Ciaran Scallan at the Firestone Institute for Respiratory Health in Hamilton, Ontario, was awarded $20,000 to study the feasibility of using a sputum (phlegm) guided approach to treat chronic cough in PF patients using inhaled corticosteroids and azithromycin (a macrolide antibiotic) during a 12-week period.

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