John Dennis: On The Road Again

John Dennis: On The Road Again

On the 10th of August I was doing a 50K ride and as I hit the 26 K I felt my left groin tear. I got off my bike and could not walk without extreme pain and difficulty. I got back on my bike as I had to get back to my car. While peddling I was okay but once I got back to my car it took me well over an hour yo strip bike and load it on bike rack. I have been laid up and not able to ride so I have been helping other IPF patients who ask me how I got to be transplanted.

I am almost healed and have been doing physio and peddling my portable stability peddler.

On Sunday I plan to start riding again and will do the Rum Runner Trail from Halifax to Lunenburg. This is 118.3 K and should take me 6.5 to 8.0 hours. This is a railbed trail through Upper Tantallon, Chester and Mahone Bay and into Lunenburg. I will stay overnight and start the return the next day.

The following week I plan to do the Harvest Moon Trail from Grand Pre to Annapolis Royal, a distance of 110.0K one way. I will stay overnight in Annapolis and bike back the next day. There is one more significant trail, the Celtic Shores Costal Trail, again a rail bed trail of 84K one way.

I am hopeful as I do these trails I will generate newspaper and media coverage to cause people to pledge to my efforts. Please wish me luck.