My journey with IPF

In 2014, I had a cold but the cough wouldn’t go away. It kept getting worse until if I inhaled, I coughed. Dr could hardly examine me. I was sent to a specialist who did a Pulmonary Function Test. I waited for results, but none came.

I didn’t know they had lost the report that was sent. So I finally got the news, I had an interstitial lung disease. Initially diagnosed as Non Specific interstitial pneumonia. Although my father and his father had passed away with IPF. Then in May of 2020, my younger brother suddenly passed away with IPF.

My Lung Dr. still maintained my illness was not IPF and that the disease was not genetic. So I got serious and scared and changed lung Dr. After they saw my previous reports, I was immediately diagnosed with IPF and put on Esbriet. Finally I am getting proper care.

– S