(#1) Mast Cells in PF – Tracey Reed

In this webinar, Tracey Reed shares why it is important to know about mast cells as a contributing factor to the development of pulmonary fibrosis. This presentation will be the first in a 3-part series, and looks at:

• The role of mast cells in the body
• When they go awry and aren’t working properly
• What the research tells us about mast cells and their connection to PF
• Other signs & symptoms of mast cell involvement in your overall health
• PF drugs and mast cells

Understanding how PF starts, allows for targeted diet and lifestyle strategies to help change what is happening inside your body.

Watch Part 2, Dietary Strategies to Stabilize Mast Cells

Watch Part 3, Other Lifestyle Strategies to Stabilize Mast Cells

Tracey Reed

Tracey is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, recipient of the 2018 Clinical Excellence Award, and coauthor of Histamine Haven: the essential guide and cookbook to histamine and mast cell activation. Her clinical practice has a strong focus on helping people struggling with histamine and mast cell-mediated health issues. She is a self-proclaimed gut geek and loves everything about the gut microbiome and leaky gut. Tracey’s passion is teaching people how to eat to fix the biochemistry of their bodies to address what is at the root of their health conditions. You can find her at https://www.traceyreed.ca/ and https://www.histaminehaven.com/.